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Recent efforts by Neighbour and APPDR have secured a good relationship with local councils. The main benefits so far have been the Council resource allocated to street cleaning, some additional bin collections and repair of the road running into PDR.

Liaison work with Councils will continue to ensure road/footpath maintenance work at PDR remains in place and is also extended to other common areas at PDR. The Council have already upgraded some of the equipment in the Children’s playground equipment.

Most owners will be aware that the root cause of the flies that plagued PDR last summer and previous summers is the limited effort by local farmers, particularly turkey farmers, to deal with waste. Work will continue with Councils and directly with some local farmers to ensure that they cover waste quickly and adhere to Health and Safety regulations. Even when farmers operate within the law, this will still leave animal and turkey droppings uncovered for up to 24 hours. The fly control plan in the Maintenance Programme makes an allowance for off Resort work if required.



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