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Disposing of any Rubbish/Unwanted items of any size or quantity by PDR Owners has 4 options to do this.

1. Large items not suitable for placing in either Green Bins or Ecobins can be collected free of charge. If you have Portuguese Language skills you can call 910 508 233 to arrange a free collection from your property. Alternatively you can contact the Neighbour Services Office in PDR who will gladly make the phone call for you. This service is not available for items that can go in Ecobins or Green Bins. NOTE the Large Container/Skip that was in Serra D'El Rey has been removed and is no longer available to deposit large items. Also there are various recycling facilities for a wide range of items - unwanted electrical items for example in various locations in major local towns. The one in L. Leclerc, Caldas da Rainha for example has light bulb and clothing /soft furnishing recycling facilities. 

or Take yourself to the local Ecocentros - They are in Antigo Attero Sanitario das Gaeiras, 2510-736, Gaeiras, Obidos. They are open every day 8.00am - 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 7.00pm. and they take all types of waste including electricals. For more information and other locations see http://www.valorsul.pt/pt/seccao/areas-de-negocio/triagem-de-materiais-reciclaveis/ecocentros?fbclid=IwAR1J7JTmmsAzXVb3xpQlyjvCPO8W_PUbmKGhZWvI7xAjNl8Xk33ba7zvJUM 

2. Recycling responsibly by placing items in the 4 areas in PDR where there are Ecobins.

Responsibly means depositing the item(s) IN THE ECOBINS and NOT by the side of them. To place at the side of them is illegal and unsightly for those with properties near the Ecobins. Persons seen doing this will be reported. The Ecobin sites are also not dumping grounds for any items that are not suitable for recycling. When an Ecobin is full items should be deposited either in another appropriate Ecobin in one of the other Ecobin areas in PDR, taken to the Ecocentro (Details above) or as a last resort placed in the PDR Green bins. NOTE Ecobins are collected once a week and on demand by contacting Neighbour if full.

3. General waste can be placed in the numerous Green bins (not in the small road side wooden bins they are just for very small items not needed when walking by). If a green bin is full please take items to a green bin that isn't full don't leave it by the side of the full green bin. That too is illegal.  NOTE - Green bins are emptied regularly (more than once a week) and in the summer 4 TIMES A WEEK. Contact Neighbour Services if they are not being collected in this time frame.


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