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A Survey by Neighbour and PDR Owners' Association (APPDR)

Many PDR owners believe that the road from Serra D'El Rei to PDR is inadequate to deal with the volume and type of traffic that uses it.  The width of the road, overhanging trees, poor road markings, absence of adequate safety signs (especially on the three bad corners) and overall the poor level of maintenance make this road highly dangerous, particularly in adverse weather conditions.  The situatioin has been made worse recently by an increase in the volume of heavy vehicles using the road (for construction/access to local quarries).  Despite some success by Owners' Association representatives in re-routing some of this traffic, the Association regards this road as dangerous and feels that unless major improvements are made there will soon be a very serious accident.

Accidents regularly occur on the road, but to help us to build a full picture, we would like you to report any incidents in our survey.  Please provide as much information as possible about accidents and near misses eg being forced off the main part of the road to the unsurfaced sides by heavy transport. If necessary, please do this on behalf of others eg guests or renters who reported incidents to you.

The period covered should be any time until now and the survey will continue to run though until September 2017.

We will use the information supplied to build an overall picture of the number, type and location on incidents on the road to present to local councils and other relevant organisations

Please note that the information you provide individually will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Please click the following link to record incidents.




Thanks for your help.

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