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Association of resort owners has helped social institutions of Óbidos and Peniche.


Every year, symbolically, on June 10, Day of Portugal, members of the golf club of Praia d'el Rey, the resort of five stars located between Óbidos and Peniche, choose a captain. Among other missions, it is up to the Captain to propose a social cause to benefit from the solidarity initiatives promoted by the owners' association in the resort, where golf is the centerpiece. In the last five years, the community has already collected more than 120,000 euros, donated to various institutions in those two counties.

Cláudia Herves, Technical director of Aconchego, the shelter for children and young people in danger of Peniche, calls them "guardian angels". The expression well demonstrates the gratitude that the institution has for the owners at Praia d'el Rey, whose support on two occasions proved providential for the Aconchego. The first was when they needed to buy a van to transport the boys from the house and also when there was an urgent need to do works in the center, installed in two apartments in the social district Peniche III. Initially 2000 Euros was donated to help with painting. In the midst of this work, they received the visit of Hans Fjärem and a few friends. "We were very impressed with the passion for child care that Claudia [Herves] demonstrates," says the Swede who has lived in Praia d'el Rey for six years ago. In a short time, this group raised about 53000 euros. Walls were painted, false ceilings and a new floor were installed, blinds were repaired, three bathrooms and the kitchen were rebuilt, and computers and lockers were replaced. There was also the provision of computer training for the staff of the institution and two weeks of surfing lessons for seven children. The goal, Hans explains, was "to give children a little better life in Aconchego and give employees a good working environment”.

In addition to the Aconchego, the initiatives of owners at resort and the golf club have already supported the Serra d'el Rei Cento de Dia, the DesDesportiva, Cultural and Recreational Association - A Serrana and the Social, Cultural and Re- creative Center of Amoreira. At present, funds are being collected to help the Óbidos Firefighters, through the purchase of equipment and sponsorship of specialized training.

"As residents of Praia d'el Rey we want to integrate into local structures. One way is through involvement in the local community and support for its institutions. We are not tourists, we are residents ", says Carl Bolus, Chairman of the Praia d’el Rey Owners’ Association.

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