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Roads / Common garden areas

Following the placing of Beltico companies into administration in 2015, the maintenance of the common areas across PDR all but stopped. The resort streets, pavements and children’s playground rapidly fell into disrepair and flies were a menace.

Photos of messy PDR
Photos of messy PDR
Photos of messy PDR

After several meetings involving representatives from the APPDR and Neighbour, a budget was agreed to for maintenance services for an initial six month period starting in March 2016. The budget breakdown was:

  • Roads/common areas €12,103
  • Security €67,281
  • Fly control €17,370
  • Additional garbage collection €3,260
  • Management charge €26,478

During this launch period, over 64% of owners have contributed to the scheme giving us approximately €87,000. This, together with a contribution of €48,000 from the business interests on the resort – the Hotel, Golf Club etc – has funded the maintenance of the resort over the past months and is responsible for the very visible improvement in the appearance and presentation of Praia del Rey. 

The agreed maintenance programme is managed by Neighbour, who issue the contracts for the various services set out below.


Common areas maintenance


Company selected - Sepogreen, the contract will deliver:

  • Footpath cleaning with Hypochlorite X 2 per year (once during 6 month programme)
  • Herbicide application on footpaths to remove weeds (3 X during 6 month programme)
  • Cleaning/upkeep outside areas: resort gate, security office area – once per week
  • Road sweeping main arteries: entrance roundabout to Vila Da Praia and Hotel
  • As required - tree clearance/disruption through weather
  • Collection/clearance of rubbish from  boardwalks to beach at Vila da Praia and Hotel 
  • Garden maintenance once a week - areas covered:
    • Main entrance roundabout
    • Space between main road and tennis courts
    • "Mupi" garden (by map)
    • Children’s Playground
    • Palm trees/ grass close to Vila da Praia

Amoreira Council also supply an operative who cleans secondary roads, maintenance and repair of side-walks, and cleaning out drains.

Photos of children’s playground & street cleaning


Company selected - PSG (has experience of working in the resort). The contract will deliver:

  • English spoken by at least one operative
  • 24 hour cover, 1 operative per 12 hour shift for first month
  • 2 operatives per 12 hour shift for final five months 
  • Security office manned during peak times
  • Visible presence with van
  • 24 hour Emergency contact number

Security personnel

Fly control

Fly control is a high profile problem for both owners and commercial businesses. Discussion with Councils and local farmers continues, but a spraying programme is considered necessary to try to ensure effective control.

Company selected - Pestox. The contract will deliver:

Inside the resort from April - spraying events:

  • April X 1, May X 2, Jun X 2, July/Aug X 1 per week

Outside the resort from May - spraying events:

  • May X 1, Jun X 1, Jul X 1, Aug X 1

Overall effectiveness will be improved with the help of spraying by the Golf Club and individual condominiums.

The first spraying inside the resort took place on 28th and 29th April (see photos below). The second took place on 20th May.

In addition 20 fly traps were placed around the resort.

Additional garbage collection

We currently have large green bins collected 3 times per week but, as in previous years, this has not been sufficient in July and August. Last year there were many complaints about overfull bins with rubbish spilling out into surrounding areas. This is a significant hygiene issue with attendant foul smells and the risk of attracting flies and rodents. An allowance has been made to pay for one additional emptying per week in July and August but we are having further discussions with the Council to see if alternative arrangements can be made.

Beach areas

This relates to the beaches in front of Vila da Praia and the Hotel da Praia (Marriott).

Boardwalk approaches – these will be cleaned once per week during June to August as part of the Maintenance programme.

Beach Cleaning – the Local Council is responsible for cleaning the beach and emptying the bins located on the beach. The bins are owned by the hotel. On May 6th volunteers and members of the Neighbour spent the day cleaning the beach.

Lifeguards – The Council is not responsible for providing lifeguards. Lifeguards are supposed to be supplied by organisation(s) that hold the beach concession licence available from the Council (e.g. for chairs, umbrellas, café). In the past Beltico / Hotel da Praia have taken the concession and supplied the lifeguards and associated equipment. This is also the plan for this year.

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