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( versão portuguesa no fundo da página )


Do I need to register?

Yes. You cannot access the majority of our contents and you will need to register to leave comments in the Forum.

The registration process is simple but if you need help please contact us. 


How I can register?

Please click the "Register" button on the top left of the webpage and fill in the following fields:

Username - Some services on yourpdr.org require you to have a username (also sometimes known as a screenname or a nickname). This will appear on your profile page, and next to any comments you leave on the Forum. It is how other users will identify you. Do not use your email as your username because you can use your email also to login in your account and your username is always visible to other users.

Name - Enter your First Name

Last name - Enter your Last Name

Avatar - This is not a Required field and you can insert your Avatar later in "EDIT PROFILE". You can use your webcam or upload a image.

Email Address - Insert a valid email address

Confirm email Address - Confirm your email address

Password - The Password Minimum Length is 5 characters using at least 1 Upper Case letter and 1 Number.

Confirm your password - Confirm the password you have just entered above

Aldeia, Burgo & Condominiums - Select your Aldeia, Burgo & Condominiums name. If you are not a PDR Owner please select "-Not PDR Owner-" option.

Lot Number - Please select your Lot / Plot Number

House Number - If the number of your house does not appear please select option "Other number" and then insert your House number.

Captcha - If “captcha” doesn’t show a robot box you need to refresh your browser and start again. Check the box "I'm not a robot". Sometimes you have to choose some images in response to certain questions. After you see the green tick proceed with registration by clicking on the blue button.


Can I hide any information from other members?

You can hide some fields during the registration process or when you edit your profile after login. To do this select the icon which is at the right of the field and select "Private" option.


What is email validation?

When you register in yourpdr.org, we will send you an email asking you to validate the email address you gave us during the registration process. The email we send you will contain a link to a web page. Click on the link, or cut and paste it into your browser, and you will be shown a page confirming that your registration details are now finalised, and your account has been validated.


Why do I need to validate my email?

The validation process allows us to establish that the email address is genuine, and that you didn’t make a mistake when entering it. It is essential that we have your correct email address in case we need to contact you.


I have not received a validation email. What do I have to do?

First check your spam folder and if you see the email please add the E-mail address to your trusted senders list.

If you do not receive the validation email please contact us and give your email address and username so that we can activate your account manually and to check that your email address is correct.


How can I stay signed in?

If you tick the ‘Remember Me’ box on our sign in form, we will use a cookie so that when you visit the site on the same computer you are automatically signed in. We don’t recommend that you tick this box on shared computers or on computers in public places like libraries or an internet cafe.


Can I change my username?

Yes. After you validate your email you can login and click on top left menu with your name and select "EDIT PROFILE" option.


I’ve forgotten my password. What do I have to do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can ask for it to be reset. Click “Forgotten password?” on our sign in form, enter your email address, and we will send you instructions by email on how to reset it.


Why do you log IP addresses?

All websites need to know your IP address in order to be able to send information back to you when you request a web page. At the time you register with yourpdr.org, we keep a record of that IP address. We log IP addresses in order to keep track of any misuse of our sign in and registration system.


You haven’t answered my question...

 You can contact us for more help


Por favor, registe-se no canto superior esquerdo da página www.yourpdr.org.

Terá de preencher o seu email, nome e a morada da vossa propriedade na PDR. Deverão também utilizar um "username" (nome de utilizador) que não seja o vosso endereço de email, mas que pode ser a combinação de letras e/ou números, sendo que é sensível a maiúsculas e minúsculas, e que deverá conter, no mínimo, uma letra maiúscula e um número, juntamente com quantas letras minúsculas entenderem. Uma vez feito o registo, irão receber um email em inglês enviado automaticamente ao qual deverão responder, e assim terão acesso total ao website. Dependendo das configurações do computador, o email automático poderá seguir para a pasta de spam. Se não receberem o email após uma hora do registo, por favor entre em contacto connosco.



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