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The Association uses a Membership Administration software product called MemberMojo. MemberMojo holds name, property reference details and email addresses for the majority of owners at Praia D'El Rey. It helps us to handle new members and the renewal process for existing members including the issuing of receipts and the annual Benefits cards. 


If you are not already a member of the Association, the first step is for you to pay the €10 annual membership subscription. You can do this by following the procedure laid out in Step 2 of the Membership Renewal procedure below.

(Note that some Condominiums take the option of joining the Association under the Group Membership scheme, paying for membership of owners in their condominium in one annual payment. If you are in a Condominium, please first check if your membership has or will be  paid by your Condominium Administrator. If this is the case you need not take any action, but see the section below Benefits Card.  Otherwise follow Step 2 of the Membership Renewal procedure below).


Step 1: Renewal Reminder

Shortly after the membership subscription rate has been approved at the Owners Association AGM (usually held in January of each year), you will receive a Renewal Reminder Notice. Please then pay your subscription fee using one of the Payment methods highlighted below in Step 2.

(Note that if you are part of the Group Membership scheme, you will not receive a Payment Reminder. Instead payment for your membership will be handled through your Condominium Administrator – but see section below on Benefits Card)

Step 2: Payment methods FOR 2020

As a PDR property owner, who is not part of the Group membership scheme, there are 3 ways to pay your subscription:

PAY WITH YOUR COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION - To make paying your membership subscription easier, simply add your €10 membership subscription to your Community Contribution to make one payment from your bank. Click here to see the Community Programme Payment Request for details of how to do this.

PAY CASH – pay €10 and give your name, property lot number (e.g. 999 – 01) and email address to one of the following:

  •  Melanie Correira at the Neighbour office next to the Clubhouse
  •  George Sweeney, Owners' Association Membership Manager

MAKE A BANK TRANSFER – transfer €10 to the Association bank account using your name and property lot number (e.g. 999 – 01) as reference AND ALSO e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming you have made a payment.


Bank: Novo Banco, R. da Praca, Obidos

IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0035 6622 9262 3


Please note:

  • This is a different Bank Account from the Association Bank Account used for Community Contributions.
  • Bank cheques should not be used to make the membership payment as this will lead to significant bank charges being payable by the Association.

Step 3: Benefits card

Whether you are a new member or a renewing existing member (having paid individually or with your membership paid via the Group membership scheme), once the payment has been recorded you will receive an email confirming your membership. As membership of the Association is by property, your payment means that you and your immediate family (partners/spouses and children) can benefit from membership. 

Also, if you pay your Community Contribution, you will be eligible to receive the Associations' Benefits card. To obtain your card please take the email confirming membership to Neighbour Services (next to the Golf Clubhouse). They will ask you to leave your name on a Card Production List.  Alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be included on the Card Production List. Normally within a week two plastic Red Benefits Cards will be produced for you to collect. Thanks to Neighbour Services who are providing this service free of charge for the Association. 

Please note that the 2020 Red Benefits Card will be available from mid March 2020.  

You should carry your Benefits card with you while you are at PDR if you wish to take advantage of the discount or special price deals negotiated for Owners Association members with local suppliers. Details on these exclusive offers are published on the website ( www.yourpdr.org) as soon as they become available. As at 1st February 2020 over 40 offers are available for card holding members to take advantage of.

Any queries on the above please email George Sweeney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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