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The Praia D’El Rey Owners Association (Associacao na Proprietarios de Praia D’El Rey – APPDR) is a legally constituted not-for-profit organisation.  Membership of the Association is limited to property owners at Praia D’El Rey.

Our primary aims are:

  • Protect owners’ investment in property by working in conjunction with the commercial concerns at PDR and local councils to ensure  PDR is maintained to a high quality standard with a good level of security
  • Ensure that our members have a strong voice in key decisions and initiatives concerned with how PDR is run and developed over the coming years.  
  • Promote a healthy community spirit by organising social events and activities
  • Secure where possible benefits for members in the form of preferred terms and discounts with local suppliers


How we operate


The Owners’ Association is run by volunteers from its membership. Volunteers are either formally appointed as officers, work on Committees or take part in the efforts of Working groups formed to focus and report on specific matters of interest to members.

Annual General meeting

The Annual General Meeting is the main decision making body, approving accounts, agreeing membership subscriptions and appointing officers to run the organisation and making major policy decisions as required.

Management Committee

The AGM elects 9 volunteers as officers and these are split between 3 Statutory Boards, the Directors Board, the General Meeting Board and the Audit Board.  Apart from their statutory responsibility on these Boards, members of the 3 boards are combined into a Management Committee which meets regularly to review Association activities and make any operational decisions required to keep the Association and its activities moving forward. 

Owners Representative Forum

The Management Committee is guided on decisions relating to major issues at PDR by the Owners' Representative Forum,  which is expected to meet 3 – 4 times per year.

The idea behind the Owner Representative Forum is to promote wider discussion and debate on the key issues that face owners and to allow owners to contribute to any decisions required.

The Forum is made up of Association members who represent groups of owners – either from condominiums or from Independent Villa groups.

Please click links below to see lists of current Condominium and Villa Group Representatives.

Working groups/Committees

Committees may be formed to handle on-going tasks in particular areas of Association activities.

The Committees currently (February 2018) operating are:

  • Council Liaison - (Chairman, Alan Westhead)
  • Social Activities - (Chairman, Rob Walsh)

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