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August 2021 newsletter


Just a few brief points to mention this month :-


Galp gas deal

To date approximately 100 owners have expressed their interest in reducing their Galp pipeline prices by a minimum of 22% by opting for Galp electricity as well as Galp gas or by 8% purely for retaining their Galp gas supply without opting for Galp electricity.


Whilst we are encouraged by this early level of interest this still means that approximately 700 owners currently supplied with Galp pipeline gas have yet to act to reduce their gas bills. I can assure you that following the process here is very simple and the more that sign up, the bigger the discount we will all benefit from. Please be aware that if you do not follow the link your gas prices will remain at their current levels.


If your energy bills are taken care of by your regular letting agent, you pay your community contribution and you would like your agent to benefit from this significant saving, I can confirm that Galp are willing to accept applications from your rental agent provided they follow the link.


Domestic waste

Regretfully our “first world” waste facilities have recently been subject to some “third world” usage. We believe that some (not all) of the misuse has been carried out by some management companies who have dumped large packaging items from deliveries without the knowledge of the owners, and some has been caused by short term renters, perhaps due to them not understanding how the facilities should be used or just not being bothered.


If you use a management or rental company could I please ask you to contact them to advise them that all cardboard should be folded and “posted” into the cardboard recycling containers and short term renters should be notified of how to use their nearest recycling “ecopoint” and green bins for domestic / kitchen rubbish. 


Noisy neighbours

In a similar vein a number of properties on the estate seem to be rented out as “party houses”, they are often rented out for short term lets to all male or all female groups who seem intent on partying into the early hours of the morning with no regard for their neighbours. On a regular basis this can be very annoying to those of us who live here permanently.


Whilst of course short term renters are very welcome at Praia del Rey the APPDR Committee ask owners and letting agents to act responsibly with regards to who they let their properties out to and how, for example, their renters should dispose of their domestic waste.


If you rent your property out, or if you are a resident who suffers regularly from either noise or the misuse of our bin areas we would very much welcome any constructive ideas that you may have so that residents and renters can live more harmoniously going forward.


Meanwhile talks continue between the APPDR committee and Neighbour Services on how to resolve issues related to waste disposal, noisy neighbours and fly control.


Community Contributions

Personally I cannot think of a better time to appeal to those owners who regularly do not contribute to the PDR Community Programme or who are late in paying for 2021 to do so without further delay.


As you know the programme pays for the estate security so expertly provided by COPS 24/7, 365 days a year. It also pays for the maintenance by Sepogreen of the gardening of our common areas and the excellent cleaning of our streets. Our regular spraying for flies and rodent control measures are also funded by our programme. These services are NOT provided by our local Junta da Freguesia or Camara at PDR or indeed to any other residential area.


So why do I say that this is the best time ever for non supporters to start supporting the community programme? The answer is that supporters will qualify for significantly lower gas prices. So if your current annual Galp pipeline gas bill is €1000, this will be reduced to €780 going forward and such a saving will either fund entirely or go a long way to funding your community contribution. So please, join the rest of your neighbours, pay your contribution and start saving on your gas!


PDR Owners Forum

The next Forum meeting for Condominium and Villa Representatives will take place on 2nd September. If you have any ideas on how the estate could improve or any concerns please talk with your local Forum representative and these can be discussed with members of the APPDR committee at the Forum.


And finally

Finally, after actively serving the Association for 3 years, the last 18 months as Chairman, I have regretfully decided that for personal reasons I need to stand down as Chairman.


I am pleased to have contributed to several achievements during my involvement and I am sure that the current positive momentum will continue going forward. Ondrej Novodvorsky my Vice Chairman will take over as Chairman and in the next newsletter you will hear more about how the Association`s committee will function going forward. It has been a pleasure to work with all our volunteer committee members and support administrators and the staff at Neighbour Services and I wish them all the best going forward.


I would also like to thank those of you who have responded to our regular newsletters expressing your support and thanks to the committee who give up their time for the benefit of the estate and community. Such feedback is much appreciated.


See you on the golf course!


John Stavers



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