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July newsletter


It is pleasing to report that this year´s AGM went well and was well attended. Routine matters were discussed and voted on as necessary. The minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website shortly. Thank you to everyone who attended, it is much appreciated.


I would like to thank Director of Golf Francisco Cadete and his staff who, since the AGM have cleared the overgrown bushes adjacent to the driving range which were preventing pedestrians use the footpath to Vila dos Principes.


The main news this month is that we have finalised an agreement with Galp for the benefit of all those who are members of the Association and supporters of the Praia del Rey Community Programme. Under the terms of the deal those owners who switch their electricity supply to Galp will enjoy a minimum 22% discount off their annual gas bills, competitively priced electricity, discounted motor fuel and some other benefits. Those supporters opting to continue with their existing electricity supplier will benefit from an 8% gas discount upon applying to Galp. If you are interested in participating in this scheme please click on the following link.



Very best wishes,


John Stavers



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