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The main item I would like to cover this month is the confirmation that the Covid 19 delayed 2021 AGM of APPDR will now take place on Tuesday 22 June 2021 at the Praia Del Rey clubhouse commencing at 17.00.


All documentation related to the meeting will be circulated to members for whom we have contact details well in advance of the meeting, but please put this date in your diaries now.


I appreciate that travel restrictions and uncertainties will prevent many of our members being able to attend but I hope that everyone who can attend does so, and that everyone else sends in their voting proxies. At this stage I do not anticipate anything out of the ordinary being discussed and voting on, just the usual approval of the APPDR budget, new officers etc etc.


Briefly on other news, I am pleased to inform you that all but one of our green waste bins have now been neatly enclosed in eco friendly re-cycled plastic surrounds. The last installation will be completed as soon as we have final approval from the Camara of Obidos. Rune Lundberg and his team are now busy working on new improvement proposals for 2021/22 which will be funded from previous surpluses from our Community Programme contributions.


It seems that the new traffic arrangements at the quarry are working, with a vast reduction on the number of trucks now using the road between our entrance roundabout and the Lavrador restaurant.


I can also confirm that lobbying for improvements to the entire PDR to Serra del Rei road continue and we have been told by both the Mayor of Serra del Rei and an official at the Peniche Camara that some roadworks on their stretch of the road will take place this Summer. Having been told previously that these were to take place last year, we have tried to establish more details about what is planned, but no more information has been provided. Based on this I am “hopeful” that improvements will be carried out..............but I won´t be betting any money on this at the book makers! The best I can suggest at this stage is that we wait and see what, if anything, happens.


Attempts are being made to meet with the Obidos Camara shortly to discuss a number of concerns that we have on essential repairs required to the infrastructure both on and offsite. You can be assured that they know of all essential road and lighting repairs required along with various other improvements that we would like to see. They too are very much aware of our concerns on the state of the Serra road from our entrance roundabout to the quarry.


Steve Cottrell and Lawrence Milston have kindly volunteered to take over from me the project on gas pricing on the estate. After many months of effort and frustration trying to get information on the ownership of the system and the possibility of price regulation I have concluded that our gas network will remain under the legal ownership of Galp and that our gas prices are NOT regulated by ERSE, the Portuguese energy regulator or indeed any other body.


Next steps will involve Steve and Lawrence trying to meet Galp officials to explain that we already have an alternative (individual or condominium storage tanks) to their pipeline delivered gas and if they are not willing to reduce their prices we will be promoting to you all what these alternatives are during the Summer. Residents will then be able to consider the best way forward for themselves depending on their own particular circumstances.


Tim Jones, our Social Chairman has asked me to give you a date for your diaries. On 24th June a seminar will be given at the Mariott Hotel by Blevins Franks on financial and immigration issues impacting foreigners living in Portugal. More news will circulated by Tim nearer the time.


Finally I would like to inform you that a group of us are working on re-vitalising the APPDR website, it´s a big job but progress is being made.


Until next month




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