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February Newsletter

Your committee met last week in the “Zoom Lounge” and you will find the minutes of the meeting on the APPDR website or via this 
link. Please take a few minutes to go through these as they provide a full report on the current status of many issues, too numerous to report in this newsletter.

I have a lot to report this month so I will try to be brief.

Annual General Meeting 2021
We have decided to postpone the AGM previously planned for 1st April until we can hold a meeting again in the clubhouse. We did consider holding a “virtual” meeting but we decided that this could lead to too many technical and procedural issues.

We can continue to function perfectly well until the AGM. As you have seen we have kept APPDR loyalty card and Community contribution levels at the same levels as last year. The annual budgets for the APPDR membership account and the Community Programme (click 
here to access) have been set, and we have formed the Committee for 2021. Technically speaking, the AGM will need to formally ratify the APPDR membership account budget and the appointment of new committee members, but we will continue with our work in accordance with our constitution and I am confident that these items will be approved formally when we can meet.

Your team for 2021
Your committee will comprise of :-

·       Chairman                                       John Stavers

·       Vice Chairman                               Ondrej Novodvorsky (to be formally approved at the AGM)

·       Finance Director                           Simon Pilkington (to be formally approved, replacing Carl Bolus)

·       Contributions collection                 Simon Pilkington

·       Membership                                  George Sweeney

·       Community Programme Leader    Rune Lundberg

·       CP Team                                       Paulo Coimbra, Lawrence Milson, Ondrej Novodvorsky

·       Residents ́ Forum                         Brian Goggin

·       Social Chairman                            Tim Jones (to be formally approved, replacing Rob Walsh)

·       Portuguese interface                     Fransisco Marcos

·       Advisory Board                             Carl Bolus, Alan Westhead, Rob Walsh – When you see these guys next please give them a big “high five” for their efforts with APPDR during the last few years.

Social Committee Chairman
I am delighted to announce that Tim Jones has volunteered to replace Rob Walsh as Chairman of the APPDR Social Committee. Rob has done a great job in this role for a number of years and recently decided to step down to encourage someone else to replace him and bring fresh initiatives for us all to enjoy.

Tim, who has served in Rob ́s committee since it ́s inception is looking forward to forming a new Social Committee and implementing a social programme for the year, when, of course, Covid regulations permit.

I would ask you all to welcome Tim and when we are able to do so, to support his new social initiatives, all with the intention of making PDR a fun place to be and pulling together both the golfing and non golfing communities.

Ongoing projects
Efforts are still being made to reduce the impact of the quarry on the estate and to campaign for a better road surface for the Serra to PDR road. Updates will be provided when further progress is made.

We are waiting the response from the Portuguese Energy Regulator, ERSE, on a presentation made to them on what we believe to be unreasonably high gas prices charged at PDR.

Rune ́s Community Programme team together with the Neighbour Services team have worked very hard throughout what has been a difficult (Covid 19) year. The objective was to maintain standards on the estate and plan and implement estate improvements funded by surpluses from previous Community Programmes.

I would like to emphasise that during the pandemic, Portugal ́s public service organisations have operated on reduced staffing levels and have needed to focus on priority / emergency situations. I believe that due to the persistence of our volunteers and the Neighbour team, PDR has done well in getting more than our fair share of the attention of these organisations. Thank you to you all.

At the recent committee meeting we approved the CP team ́s most recent proposed improvement project which will see all our street name, Aldeia name and other signs updated at a modest cost of 2700€ to ensure a new uniform look throughout the estate.

Rune also announced that finally after much lobbying the Obidos Camara has confirmed to replace damaged lamp posts throughout the estate within the next 3-4 months. We have been working on this for 3 year!!!

Community Contributions and Loyalty card payments for 2021
Simon and George both have reported that a healthy number of payments have already been made for 2021. On behalf of the committee thanks to those of you who have lead the way this year, and to those condominiums who collect centrally on our behalf. I appeal to the rest of you to get your contributions made as soon as you can to allow us to confirm that we will be able to fully implement our security, gardening and road sweeping, and spraying programmes this year and to plan further estate improvements.

Until next month...




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