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Christmas 2020 Newsletter

So here we are close to Christmas, and what a year 2020 has been!
Covid 19 certainly produced some challenges for us all, and in very difficult circumstances I must start my newsletter by thanking in particular the team at Neighbour Services, and Rune and his Community Programme team for keeping on top of things and maintaining our estate in a good condition. Covid certainly impacted during the early days on our local authorities and our suppliers, but by and large I think we have done a great job keeping the estate up to standard.

The committee recently approved a number of improvements which will be completed as soon as possible in 2021. Look out for new surrounds for those green bins not yet done, more work on our calçadas near the children´s play ground, and the painting of two areas in Don Fernando and Descobertas which are in need of tidying up. We continue to press the Obidos Camara for long awaited improvements to our street lighting system.

Don Fernando
Talking of improvements, a group of volunteers from the hotel and golf club recently painted all the rides in our children´s playground and the railings of the bridge on the main road heading for Vila da Praia and the Beachfront. It was a joy to see the team working together and enjoying each other´s company whilst being temporarily laid off due to Covid 19.
On behalf of us all I thank them for their efforts, they did a really good job.

Paulo Coimbra and I recently witnessed the completion, apart from the final rolling required, of the new internal road inside the quarry. We will persist patiently with meeting the quarry´s management until we finally see the redirecting of loaded trucks so that the road on our boundary and up to the Lavrador restaurant becomes free of this unwelcome traffic.

Outstanding contributions for 2020
Our Community Programme (including our Security, our street cleaning, the maintenance of our common gardens, our fly spraying and smaller repairs and maintenance) and all our onsite improvements, including major investments in ecobin and green bin surrounds, painting etc etc. are paid for by the contributions we receive every year from our loyal supporters and by the hotel and the golf club

All these activities contribute towards an enhanced environment at PDR for the benefit of our residents, our visiting families and our holiday and longer term tenants.

For those who have contributed this year, we thank you for your support. For those of you who have yet to contribute I appeal to you to consider all the benefits of the Community Programme and the improvements that we have and will continue to make and to make your contribution along with the rest of us by following this 

Moving towards 2021, I can advise you that the APPDR AGM will take place on 1st April. We decided to put this back from the usual late January date in the hope that a date near Easter will allow more owners to attend. The budget for the running of APPDR in 2021 will be placed on our website shortly.

As far as Community Programme contribution levels and Loyalty card fees are concerned the committee has decided to again keep these UNCHANGED for 2021.

During our budgeting process for next year´s Community Programme we looked to form longer term agreements with our 2 key service providers, COPS and Sepogreen. I am pleased to advise you that we have signed a 5 year agreement with COPS and a 3 year deal with Sepogreen. These longer term arrangements will be beneficial both to ourselves and to our suppliers. The deal with COPS will be very beneficial to those who have already signed up, and those who plan to do so, with COPS´sister company, Delta Force, for alarm systems and monitoring services.

Formal invitations to the AGM and requests for payment will be sent out as normal early in the new year.
In closing
On behalf of the committee, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021. We all hope that things are moving towards more normality in the coming months.

Until next month



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