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Hi everybody,

Portugal has now been in lock down for some while and from what I understand we have approximately 130 people living onsite.

I must, on behalf of everyone , thank Neighbour Services for continuing to take on the role of emergency communicators and much more. As a community we are so lucky to have the team keeping us abreast of what has been going on.

We must also thank COPS our security company for continuing to keep our estate safe, and Sepol for continuing to keep, to the best of their ability, our roads clean and our common garden areas tidy.

Thanks too to several members of the PDR community for quickly setting up alternative communication channels and food deliveries to the estate. If you are onsite at the moment and you have not joined Jackie Jones´s emergency WhatsApp group, contact Jackie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will include you.

Right now, PDR is in good shape taking everything into account.

This month I have decided to make an appeal to help us keep our residents and all our properties as safe as possible during these unprecedented times. These comments follow a recent burglary on PDR which should act as a reminder that there can be no complacency when it comes to security.

Easily the highest cost of our Community Programme is that for security. We need to improve our cash flow to ensure that we can continue to fund our Programme activities.

In previous years, many contributions have been received late in the year sometimes creating concern regarding our ability to fund our Programme. Of course we are very thankful to those who have contributed already this year, but this year more than most, an earlier cash flow would be of immense help.

My request to everyone else is to make your contributions as early as possible this year. I ask those of you villa owners who habitually pay later in the year, to pay as soon as possible. I appeal to Condominium Chair Persons and their property Condominium Managers to get your contributions in as soon as possible. Finally I ask those who were not planning on contributing to consider doing so this year to keep our estate and your property investment safe and in good shape.

Of course I recognise that some of you may have been hit hard economically as a result of the pandemic and you may not be in the position to contribute this year. I am sorry if this applies to you and I hope that things get better for you soon. However for the rest of us still economically capable of contributing I am asking for your help. I argue that even at the maximum contribution of €350 for villa owners, we get super value for money from the Community Programme and from Neighbour Services in return. Of course for owners of smaller properties the requested contribution is lower.

Enclosed with this message are payment details for those of you who can respond positively to this appeal.

Click here to make your contribution.

Until next month

John Stavers
APPDR Chairman


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