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So welcome to the August newsletter and as usual the Team has been incredibly busy dealing with many, many issues on behalf of us all. Below is an overview of the progress made……


At the end of June we got our long awaited meeting with Joaquim Goes, Head of Blue & Green which is the management company for the commercial areas of Praia D’El Rey and West Cliffs. Several matters were discussed but the main points to come out of the meeting are:

  1. The commitment of the management company is not expected to change in the short to medium term.
  2. Blue & Green recognise the ongoing issue with the Serra Road (“the bloody road”) and will support our efforts to get the Serra Road made safe for all users.
  3. Control of the Tennis Centre remains with the Beltico Insolvency Administrator at present and whilst the Centre was raised at the AGM, in the foreseeable future, it is unlikely anything will change.
  4. Oxy now have full control of the clubhouse (from end of June) and are assessing their plans. This is a matter we will keep on the Agenda for the next meeting.
  5. They will be looking to invest additional cash into the Marriott Spa and indoor pool.
  6. Their biggest problem currently is attracting and retaining staff, hence the big changes in personnel we have all seen at the Clubhouse and Maré only opening for the summer in July. 

We are still pressurising Peniche Council for a meeting to discuss the Serra Road, with further correspondence sent and a strategic follow up process now in place that can and will be instigated, if necessary. We will share details as appropriate.


Work has started on costing the road improvements and repairs required and it is our aim to get all stakeholders together to examine the best way to secure funding in due course. As everyone recognises, this is going to take time!!


Relationships with Obidos and Amoreira continue to strengthen.


Final work is being completed on our promotional brochure that we hope will be of use to all residents both new and old and will help convince all residents as to why they should contribute towards the upkeep of the resort. This is imperative if we are to continue to be able to support the community program going forward. It will be available in both email and hard print editions. Huge thanks to the team at Neighbour for their fantastic effort and assistance with this.


Work has started on improvements to the aesthetics of the south entrance and with the recent tree trimming along the entrance road our main entrance is now looking much smarter.


As a gentle reminder can we please remind all owners and their guests to continue to make sure the Eco and Refuse Bins are used appropriately during the coming busy summer period. We move to four collections per week over the summer, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are also investigating if Obidos can do even more in this period.


If you do come across full bins or poorly dumped rubbish please contact Neighbour services on +351 965 171 718 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I’m sure many people attended the recent Ginja Festival in Amoreira and we were delighted that APPDR could support this event with a small donation of €500 as part of our annual contributions to the local community.


The next event organised by the social committee is a wine tasting and lunch tour of the Folgorosa Vineyard on Sunday 11th September. Spaces are limited so if you want to join us please contact one of the social committee or see details on the website, on Facebook or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


We are always looking for new ways and areas around the resort that either need improving or just maintaining. Please, if you see or know of something that needs attention or have any good ideas for future improvements let us know, your feedback is always welcome.


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