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Update re Road Cleaning Programme at PDR


Road cleaning under the PDR Maintenance and Security programme covers both the two primary routes and secondary roads on the resort. During the 2nd half of last year there were complaints that the secondary roads were not receiving reasonable attention so for the programme starting in March 2018 ( P4) we are trying to focus more effort on these roads. During P4, Sepol will continue to cover the primary roads and Amoreira Council will work on the secondary roads. Areas have been targeted where required to ensure standards on PDR are maintained. Recent activity has covered the following roads;

  • Av D Isabel de Aragao.
  • Av D Mafalda de Saboio.
  • Rua D Carlota Joaquina.
  • Rua Diogo Cao.
  • Rua Pedro Alvares Cabreal.
  • Rua D Caterina Brabanca.
  • Rua D Leanor de Austria.
  • Rua d Leonor de Aragao.
  • Rua Fernao Lopes.
  • Rua D Luisa de Gusmao.


It’s been agreed that if the Council have problems keeping the secondary roads in a reasonable condition, we will switch resource from the primary routes or consider purchasing additional cleaning resource.

If there are any areas of PDR where road cleaning is required please advise Neighbour at the e mail address below so that we can schedule the work to address problem areas.

Neighbour@ praia-del-rey.com

18 April 2018

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