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Discussions were held on 10th April 2018 with the APPDR Security Contractor. The issue of visibility was discussed. Patrols are monitored through control points around the resort and checks confirm 100% compliance. In effect, this means that all areas of PDR are being covered. The Security Team do, however, rely on us as residents to report incidents both actual and suspicious. There have been recent examples of incidents being reported retrospectively which are unable to be followed up.

Whilst it is appreciated that many owners are not full time resident we are requested to remind our Property Management companies to address certain reoccurring problems;

  1. Gates to Properties are frequently left open. Whilst residents do this for convenience, for unoccupied properties it is seen as an opportunity to enter.
  2. Letter Boxes are, in some instances, left un emptied for weeks. It is a clear indication properties are unoccupied.
  3. Windows are being left open to “air” property.
  4. Lights are left on during the day, sometimes by departing tenants. This is not only a waste of money, but also an indication to potential burglars.
  5. Some Condominiums are leaving access doors to Car Parks permanently open.

In addition, if you plan to have work undertaken on your property please ensure you have taken references or undertaken checks. There are cases where problems have arisen under the guise of Contractors undertaking work. Awareness will also enable Security to monitor activities.

The security Contractor leaves notification cards advising of potential problems for residents. This is not repeated continuously though if issues are not addressed.

Again, we would encourage all incidents to be reported so we can follow up and review our Security strategy. Please note that posting issues onto Facebook whilst making issues public also gives information to outside parties.

Issues and incidents can be communicated as follows;

By E Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone to +351 262905100 and ask for Neighbour Services.

Or contact Security on +351 966274800 ( 24 Hour call out)

The Security number will get through to the Duty Security Personnel.

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