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October Newsletter

Welcome to the October newsletter.

Firstly, a huge thanks to John Stavers for his superb efforts over the last couple of years, which we are sure, are greatly appreciated by the whole PDR Community – fantastic work, with so many improvements for everyone on the Resort – Thanks John.

But it’s important we continue to move forward and continuously improve the Resort, for the benefit of all of us, so with this in mind, the Committee has been slightly restructured with Ondrej Novodvorsky stepping up from Vice to become the new Chairperson. There will then be five section heads responsible for various activities: Rune Lundberg, Community Program, Simon Pilkington, Finance, Brian Goggin Reps Liaison/Forum and new Secretary to the Committee, Steve (aka Ned) Netherton, Relationships, and Tim Jones, Social, supported by Francisco Marcos. Paulo Coimbra and Lawrence Milson will continue to be a big part of the Community Programme Team. Carl Bolus is finalising his full handover of the Finance & Membership with Simon. All of this is designed to enhance the focus on these aspects for the benefit of all the PDR Owners going forward, which we are confident we will achieve.


We would also love more Owners to get involved, so if you would like to help the Committee, assist with projects or even just make suggestions, please make contact with one of us – we will be delighted to hear from all of you and especially the new Owners that have come to PDR in the last year or so – if you are Portuguese even better as it’s so important to build stronger links with you, our Country hosts and fellow Owners.

Turning briefly to what has been happening in the Resort, the Team is well aware of the problems that have been faced during the summer with regard to the use of the refuse/ recycling bins. Although our work cladding the bin enclosures is now complete, we are still getting lots of rubbish and recycling just dumped beside and around the bins. It is very hard to be sure exactly who is responsible, but it seems to be a combination of visitors, contractors and unfortunately some owners.

Can we please remind everybody to use the bin areas responsibly and to make sure this message is passed on to any contractors, visitors etc. For information, during the summer months the waste is removed 4 times per week, but as we move back into Autumn, these are slightly less to meet the reduced demand. Also, should you come across any full recycling/eco-pronto bins please contact Melanie Carreira from Neighbour services on 965171718 or email melanie.carreira@praia-del- rey.com and she will speak to the Council or Contractor to arrange to get the recycling collected as quickly as possible. Similarly, if the normal bins are full, please let Melanie know and she can try and encourage the Council to speed up a collection.

Whilst we know there are a few stray dogs around, which is the subject of separate discussions, can we also gently remind all Owners and their guests to make sure if their dog leaves something behind on the calcada’s around the Resort, that this is cleared up quickly and disposed of, for the benefit of all Residents.

Finally, please don’t forget the GALP discounts available – this is a great deal for the Community as a whole, with a minimum of 22% off Gas & 7% off Electricity prices, so if you wish to register, please follow this link link

Minutes of the recent Management Committee and Reps Liaison/Forum meetings are now available to view on the website - www.yourpdr.org

We look forward to giving you all a further update in near future of the Resort developments and plans, so watch this space. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please contact the team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ondrej and the Team

www.yourpdr.org This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The 7th Community Programme for Maintenance & Security Services (P7) will commence on the 1st March 2021 and will again run for 12 months. 

The full details and budget are available under the ‘Your Resort’ section above.

We are very pleased to say that we are on track to achieve our contribution target for P6 as we enter the final month, which really is good news. As always it is thanks to each and every owner that continues to support the initiative in maintaining PDR to the standards we can enjoy.

As an Owners' Association we will always remain committed to protecting your investment at PDR and would therefore ask you to now contribute to the P7 Programme. 

To review the information on how to make your contribution please click the following links.

Note If you are an owner in a condominium, please check with your Condominium Chairman / Condominium Manager if they already collect these contributions from you with the Condominium fees before you contribute direct, to avoid any possible duplicate payments.


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About The Owners Association

The Praia D’El Rey Owners Association (Associacao de Proprietarios na Praia D’El Rey – APPDR) is an independent not-for-profit organisation with a rapidly growing membership, currently standing at over 600.

Our main overriding objective is to work for the benefit of all PDR owners, especially in matters affecting maintenance and future development of the resort.

The Association, which is run entirely by member volunteers, was fully involved in creating the current PDR Maintenance and Security Programme which started on 1 March. The Programme covers 24 hour security, public area maintenance and fly control and has already made a major difference to the resort, which had deteriorated badly during 2015.