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High Quality


By ensuring Praia D’El Rey is maintained to a HIGH QUALITY standard with a good level of SECURITY.

Strong Voice

Strong Voice

In all key decisions affecting the development of the resort.

Recent News


Through organising social events and activities.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police, Fire, Ambulance 112

PDR Security (including Defibrillator)  +351 961353402 or Paulo Moreira This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Managed by DELTA FORCE) 

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December 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the December newsletter and in this edition, we will bring you up to date with some of the progress that the Team has made in the last few months and share a couple of the plans for early in 2023.

Recent Events

The sold out APPDR Christmas Party was held on the 15th December with a fabulous wine pairing Dinner at the Marriott Emprata restaurant, enjoyed by all and hopefully by the time you read this, the after effects have worn off. Thanks to Joy Mendoza and the Social Committee for great organisation and everybody for supporting this in such great numbers.

Serra Road – A meeting was held with Mr Presidente of Peniche in September  and we spent a good hour discussing the road and the dangers that at times it can bring not only to residents and guests at PDR but also the staff and delivery drivers, who are regularly using it.  Did you know, that the Team and a very willing volunteer (Thanks John Panigas) counted the vehicle movements earlier this Summer and that in peak periods there is a vehicle movement on average, every 8.5 seconds?  Astonishing 

The meeting was surprisingly positive and there is an acceptance from the Mayor, that something needs to happen and he and his team are investigating how and when this can be achieved.  This is not to say, that anything will happen quickly but it now allows us to build upon this dialogue and keep pressurising him for action.  I think we have seen recently that Peniche will be more pro-active than we have seen before, with the dangerous potholes filled in again this month and in a relatively short period of time.  

The road is also the responsibility of Obidos up to the Lavrador restaurant, so to maintain pressure from all sides, we met with the Mayor of Obidos earlier in December and pleasingly, it is clear that the two Municipalities have been talking about a way forward.  They have set out some points that need to happen first and this is something that the Team will be following up with both sides, during January.  Further updates when we have some concrete news.

Wandering Dogs – CRAPAA have kindly removed another 11 dogs recently so bringing the total to over 25 in the last few years.  The Committee really appreciate their assistance and intend to make a €1,000 donation to recognise this support.

A project to review and update the benefits available to members from local restaurants and other suppliers has been completed. This was undertaken by two enthusiastic volunteers and our thanks to Jesus Gonzalez Lopez and John Panigas. The updated list will be available on our new website shortly. 

Minutes of Management Committee meetings are available on the website , the most recent posting being those of the 10th November 2022. Minutes of a Forum meeting held on the 6th October 2022 are also available on the website

Coming next year

We have been working on a new and much improved website and we fully expect that this will be rolled out very early in 2023.  The look and feel of the site is far more user friendly and interactive and we are confident that everyone will find it very useful.  There will be a need to register at the outset but to make life as easy as possible, we intend to hold some training and registration sessions at the Clubhouse in January. Don’t panic, we will also support every other user who is a member of APPDR and not here quite as regularly. Huge thanks to John Carmichael and Nuno Guerra for their technical expertise and time.

Cross Over/Zebra Crossing painting – a small amount has been completed and the remainder should be commenced in Mid-January provided that the unbelievable amount of rain doesn’t continue to fall at PDR……..

As many of you will know, there have been quite a few changes at Neighbour Services recently – we have met with the new team and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with them to deliver the Community Programme

We are always looking for new ways and areas around the resort that either need improving or just maintaining. Please, if you see or know of something that needs attention or have any good ideas for future improvements let us know, your feedback is always welcome.

Finally, all of us on the Management Committee would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  


The 8th Community Programme for Maintenance & Security Services (P8) will commence on the 1st March 2022 and will again run for 12 months. 

The full details and budget are available under the ‘Your Resort’ section above.

We are very pleased to say that we are on track to achieve our contribution target for P7 as we enter the final month, which really is good news. As always it is thanks to each and every owner that continues to support the initiative in maintaining PDR to the standards we can enjoy.

As an Owners' Association we will always remain committed to protecting your investment at PDR and would therefore ask you to now contribute to the P8 Programme. 

To review the information on how to make your contribution please click the following links.

Note If you are an owner in a condominium, please check with your Condominium Chairman / Condominium Manager if they already collect these contributions from you with the Condominium fees before you contribute direct, to avoid any possible duplicate payments.


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About The Owners Association

The Praia D’El Rey Owners Association (Associacao de Proprietarios na Praia D’El Rey – APPDR) is an independent not-for-profit organisation with a rapidly growing membership, currently standing at over 600.

Our main overriding objective is to work for the benefit of all PDR owners, especially in matters affecting maintenance and future development of the resort.

The Association, which is run entirely by member volunteers, was fully involved in creating the current PDR Maintenance and Security Programme which started on 1 March. The Programme covers 24 hour security, public area maintenance and fly control and has already made a major difference to the resort, which had deteriorated badly during 2015. 

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